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In March 2023, we moved to a newly built building with a research and development center, administration
and office rooms and a new, modern production hall next to it.
The JABAMA company is constantly expanding its offer by systematically implementing new products. A hot novelty is a new 
line of products, which are unique grinding tables with electric height adjustment of the worktop. These types of grinding
tables are our proprietary product and are available in Poland and perhaps in Europe only in our offer. 
Stół szlifierski z elektryczną regulacją wysokości 

Grinding table specification:

The height of the worktop of this grinding table is electrically adjustable using electric columns and a remote control located under the tabletop in the range of 690-1090mm.

Large extraction surface: dust extraction from below and from the rear extraction walls.

A large worktop with overall dimensions of 2000x985mm (220mm deep extraction walls are placed on the top). The top is made of two trusses - the larger truss can be removed without having to remove the top-mounted exhaust walls (or an additional top made of perforated plywood for an extra charge).

Two extraction walls with a total length of 2000mm. The dimensions of a single wall are 1000x600x220mm (L x H x D).

    stoły szlifierskie

  • The possibility of connecting the extraction walls from the top or from the side with a fi160mm pipe, then the unused connection is plugged. The bottom chute is connected from the back with a fi160mm pipe in two places.

Stoły szlifierskie

  • Each extraction wall has its own 15W LED lighting with a color of 4000K.

    Stoły szlifierskie regulowane elektrycznie

  • Opening side walls allow for the processing of large workpieces

    Stół szlifierski ścianka boczna

  • Two removable drawers for dust and filings.

    Szuflada stołu szlifierskiego

  • Grinding tables do not have EX certificates. They do not have air filters or a fan in the extraction system, so they must be connected to a suitable extraction and filtering device.


Below we present a photograph of the prototype, which is already very popular among potential customers.

We invite you to submit inquiries, we will be happy to design additional equipment required by customers for such a grinding table.

Soon on our website in the grinding tables section there will be other designs of such grinding tables with various equipment and smaller dimensions as well as grinding tables without superstructure.


stół szlifierski z blatem podnoszonym elektrycznie   

link to the grinding tables section



We invite you to read the article about JABAMA, which was published on the website

Where to buy assembly tables, ESD tables and workstations that meet the highest
standards at affordable prices?

The Jabama company - is a manufacturer of professional workstations and assembly tables for the industry.

stoły montażowe

Own company is a great responsibility and constantly keeping your finger on the pulse to react to the changing reality. Adapt to it, offering customers better, more tailored services, and thus win the race against the competition. Often, for this purpose, we launch a completely new department in the company, which requires intensive efforts, especially in terms of its equipment. How to deal with this task, getting good equipment at an attractive price?

Regardless of whether we decide to open a new department or perhaps a whole new industrial plant, we must plan everything carefully. This also applies to other smaller initiatives, such as the creation of a workshop or warehouse. In each of these places, it is necessary to ensure that decent, high-quality workstation equipment is provided. This applies especially to assembly tables, workbenches, as well as a whole range of other, equally important equipment - trolleys, shelves, etc.


A person facing this task may have a real problem, because the huge number of solutions available on the market can overwhelm. You often have to choose between an attractive price and reliability when both of these values do not go hand in hand. Fortunately, there are Polish producers who combine what is inexpensive with what is quality. An example of such a company is Jabama - a Polish manufacturer that specializes in developing workstations and dedicated production lines. Visit the Jabama website to learn more:

 Stoły montażowe ESD


Jabama - known not only in Poland

Jabama has been operating since 2007 and from the very beginning it has been producing production stations for various industries and logistics companies. The equipment offered by it quickly gained recognition not only on the domestic but also foreign markets, also among very demanding customers from rich Western European countries, such as Germany, the Netherlands, France, but also less wealthy, but at a high economic level: the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania. The products are also exported beyond the eastern border - to Ukraine, Belarus and Lithuania. Very dynamic development meant that Jabama is also present in South America, and perhaps in the future in Dubai (sales representatives are negotiating the conclusion of a contract with a recipient based in Dubai).


Jabama - the power of experience

You will agree that the best teacher is life itself, which teaches experience in various fields. The founder of Jabama knows this very well, because for over 20 years he has struggled with the same problems as his customers today. Thanks to his many years of experience, he was able to look at these obstacles with full understanding, offering a perfectly tailored offer that meets the greatest needs of customers. Jabama is not only quality products at attractive prices, but also a unique, unique approach to the customer. Each recipient can count on fully comprehensive assistance as well as professional advice at every stage of the job selection and purchase process.




Stoły montażowe stoły do pakowania


Jabama - what is its competitive advantage?

To learn about the Jabama offer, please visit, where you will find various types of industrial furniture. These more typical, standard, but also own, proprietary solutions. Jabama will implement practically any idea, because it has modern production facilities. Thanks to professional machines and trained employees, it is able to produce work tables and other elements of equipment for the individual needs of customers from various industries. This creates a huge competitive advantage over suppliers who provide only not very durable, template products that prevent any modifications. Jabama products are something completely different, because the company's products ensure full adjustment of the offer to the needs and requirements of customers.

The customer always comes first

Regardless of what kind of clients come to the company - those who know exactly what they want, or those who are unsure, counting on professional advice - experienced Jabama employees perfectly cope with both of these cases. The sales department together with the engineering staff precisely determines with the customer which products will meet their expectations. If necessary, a team of specialists from Jabama visits the client's workplace, helping to adjust work tables and assembly lines. Thanks to this thorough analysis, it is possible to initiate the production process specifically for the needs of a given customer, taking into account all the most important aspects - safety, work ergonomics and convenience of future users.

How is the production process?

The Jabama company specializes in the production of products made of carbon steel, acid-resistant steel (grade 304) and aluminum. All products are created in the company's plant - from beginning to end. First, consultations with the client take place, on the basis of which the project is created. Once approved, it goes to the production department. Parts for making equipment come from the best, certified manufacturers. During the production process, they are cut and then prepared for MIG-MAG or TIG welding. The Jabama machine park has everything you need to create reliable products: drills, saws, guillotines, bending machines, milling machines, lathes, precise CNC press brakes and welding machines from the best manufacturers.

Stół montażowy regulowany elektrycznie


All products are powder coated in a well-equipped company paint shop - the best paints on the market imported from Switzerland are used for this purpose. The surface of the materials is prepared by abrasive blasting in a specialized shot-blasting chamber. Thanks to this technique, the paint adheres perfectly to the metal surface, which increases the durability of the product. At the same time, it guarantees appropriate electrical conductivity between the individual components of the products and the electrically conductive paint. This is especially important in the production of ESD furniture, where protection against electrostatic discharge must be ensured.


In all Jabama products, extremely practical and functional tops and other construction elements made of laminated chipboard are used. For ESD industrial furniture, electrostatically conductive chipboard is used. Other materials such as plywood, glued wood, polyamide or polyethylene of various hardness can also be used. The final stage of the production process is the assembly and packaging of ready-made furniture, which undergo thorough quality control. The comprehensiveness of Jabama's services also includes the transport of ordered furniture and their assembly at the customer's site (which is carried out by the company's assembly team).


Jabama employees - a team of experienced specialists

No company can exist without people, they are its greatest value. The Jabama company employs enthusiasts who approach their duties with great commitment, taking care of the quality of the furniture produced. That is why the company attaches great importance to teamwork, consisting in constant communication and cooperation between individual departments. The competences of employees, apart from experience, are supported by many national and international certificates. All employees, regardless of their position - constructors, traders, warehousemen and production workers - are constantly learning by taking part in numerous trainings. Jabama provides its employees not only with an opportunity for development, but also with comfortable working conditions, including attractive remuneration.


     Stanowiska Montażowe ESD

Link to assembly tables

What industries do Jabama's customers come from?

Customers are, on the one hand, large industrial plants from various industries and international corporations, and on the other - small and micro enterprises.

l Jabama's customers are mostly entities related to electronics, for which ESD tables and furniture are produced. This group also includes industries such as logistics, warehousing and e-commerce. They are supplied with tables for packaging and packaging, as well as a wide range of additional equipment, such as foil and paper cutters of our own production.

l Jabama manufactures fixed-height assembly tables with manual height adjustment of worktops and accessories, as well as electrical adjustment.

l In addition to industrial tables, the company creates various types of transport trolleys, draft trolleys, trolleys for empty cartons, mobile carton magazines and all kinds of platforms for transporting pallets. An example of a specialized device, which at the same time makes a huge sensation on the market, is a table for assembling electrical cabinets lifted vertically and with a tiltable top at various angles up to 89 °, offered in various variants.

l In addition, a whole range of mobile tables is offered, thanks to which it is possible to quickly relocate workstations.

l It is also worth mentioning the folding tables with a solid, stable structure. It provides a temporary expansion of the production line - until a permanent solution is found.

l Jabama's offer also includes specialist tables, heavy-duty locksmith workbenches (up to 3 tons), tables for school workshops and quality control departments with various types of lighting (side, top and illuminated top).

l In order to supplement its product offer, JABAMA became a distributor of office and workshop chairs and castors.

l An undoubted advantage is also the possibility of later expansion of the stations with fully compatible additional elements, according to the customer's development needs.

Examples of projects of various types of equipment - industrial, warehouse and specialist, can be found in the gallery, in the "Realizations" tab.


Jabama - investing in the future

Jabama is a very fast and dynamically developing company, which has already resulted in the expansion of the production plant twice - in 2017 and 2019. In the same year, it was decided that these changes need to be accelerated even more. As a result, plans to build a completely new production and research and development center with an area of 2,500 m2 in a new location. The investment is to be implemented at the turn of 2020 and 2021. Once this is achieved, Jabama will place great emphasis on R&D, initiating research and development in the field of automation of production processes.

Stół warsztatowy


A good, healthy working environment

Of course, development must not interfere with the beauty and richness of the natural environment, which is why Jabama works in accordance with the idea of sustainable development. The company uses green energy, which comes from photovoltaic panels installed on production roofs. At the same time, it uses carefully selected materials and technologies to limit interference with the natural environment as much as possible. For example, harmless paints and varnishes are used in the company's paint shop. Air filters have the most important certificates that meet the required standards. In addition, the company constantly supports the local government community in which its production plant operates. The most common activities are helping the local school and sponsoring cultural events.

Stoły robocze firma JABAMA

JABAMA invites you to cooperation


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